Camillus Products


Craftsmanship for quality knives - for over 135 years!

The story of the German emigrant Adolph Castor from Solingen and the Camillus Cutlery Company began in the USA in 1876. In the subsequent decades, this company supplied the world with high-quality knives. These hand-made, reliable cutting tools withstood every hardness test of their time, and even today, they stand for the highest degree of reliability and resilience.

CAMILLUS has become a cult brand for hunting, fishing and outdoor sports. And most recently, with the introduction of the Les Stroud Signature Series, endorsed by one of the most renowned survival artists in the world, the brand has come to epitomise wilderness and adventure.


This success story would not be possible without the ultimate processing of CAMILLUS products, as well as their exceptional designs and innovative opening mechanisms. The most technologically advanced materials, such as blades made from Japanese steel in combination with a carbon nitride titanium alloy, make every CAMILLUS tool a perfect companion for every adventurer and outdoor sportsman. CAMILLUS products are tougher than even the most incredible challenge!


CAMILLUS® is a registered trademark of Acme United Corporation