Westcott Products


„The World’s favourite scissors“. We have good reason for embracing such a strong product claim: The history of success of the WESTCOTT brand began 140 years ago in offices and schools all around the world. The producer of scissors and rulers quickly became the leading brand in the USA, and the first choice of teachers, pupils and students. Driven by the popularity of the brand, WESTCOTT built on this success with additional precision instruments for office and school. Subsequent additions included sharpeners, cutting instruments, rubbers and much more. Today, the WESTCOTT brand stands for household and office products with distinctive design and unparalleled cost-effectiveness. The legendary high quality of WESTCOTT makes us the leading provider of scissors worldwide every year.


Moreover, WESTCOTT is the technology trendsetter for an entire product category. For instance, our titanium technology for cutting instruments is unique and provides the user with precisely those additional benefits which make us exactly what we want to be: Our customers’ favourite scissors!

WESTCOTT® is a registered trademark of Acme United Corporation